Mini Dental Implants

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by on July 18, 2015

Mini Dental Implants make your dentures feel like natural teeth, so you can be confident in any social situation – eating, talking or laughing.
Mini Dental Implants are an affordable solution for permanent denture stability – they typically taken only two hours to complete!
Immediately after treatment you will feel a new stability in your denture, secure that they have the staying power you need without having to use messy denture adhesives or creams.

How do Mini Dental Implants work?

The 3M™ Mini Dental Implant (MDI) Denture Stabilization System consists of:

  • A metal housing that is incorporated into the base of your denture.
  • A rubber O-ring, housed in the metal housings, to provide the seal that locks the pieces into place.
  • Mini titanium alloy dental implants, rooted into the jawbone, that act as an anchor to stabilize a lower denture.

After the Mini Dental Implants procedure is complete.

Whilst every patient is different, you may experience some kind of mild discomfort and soreness for a few days after the procedure. Often the soreness is caused by your denture now fitting properly which your gums are not used to but we can adjust your denture to overcome this.